Showers / Parties Indoors

Tea Room

  • tea room

The Tea Room holds up to 30 people comfortably for showers and gatherings. If the weather is permissable, you are welcome to having outdoor gatherings as well. Outdoor events are available as well.


  • outdoors

For the outdoor pavilion gatherings there is a minimum of 3 hours (call for pricing)

For just the area, indoors, for the gathering is  a minimum of 3 hours. 

  • 4 round tables
  • Up to 30 chairs
  • linens on the tables

There is a rental and set up fee.  

The minimum of 3 hours would include your set up/ decorating; tear down/ clean up; and time for the gathering.

Other Packages

Packages are available to be created to fit what you are looking for! The packages range from you doing everything and we provide the venue to all you have to do it show up and take the credit.

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  • package1